Goal Setting and Life Issues

If you’re new, wander through the about section and the other sections as you like.

The basic plan for this blog is post my progress the previous day in terms of food, income, weight, and exercise. But since this is day 1, I don’t have any of that to say. Instead, I’m going to lay out my plan and people with more knowledge and experience in these areas can comment and assist if they feel compelled.

Work: I want to do 10 articles per work day. Once the new job site comes fully up that will represent a decent living. Until then I’m filling in the gaps with a place that pays half a cent a word. It’s mostly for people who like to feel busy but don’t really like money that much.

Exercise: I want to do the 7 minute workout to the best of my capability every other day, moving to every day within a month or so. Plus I want to take the dogs out for 10k steps/day.

Food: low-carb all the way. Minimal calories. Massive amounts of water.

Today’s life issues: I’m back into a lawsuit situation. Less than 3 months away from the last one, which defies all past history. The evil ex usually gives me longer than that. They tell me what he’s doing right now is called “abuse of process” and it’s a real thing. I’m trying to resolve it in a way that doesn’t cost me a million dollars in legal fees or weeks of stress. But I can’t stop shaking today. It’s making work pretty much impossible because, you know, shaking in terror isn’t great for focus. I’m adding some buspar and will have some tea and maybe a hot bath and try again. But I don’t have the kids this weekend, so it’s possible to make up this workday over the weekend. As long as this is the only day where I’m off my form this week I’ll be ok.

I also have a lot of things on tap this week that will suck some time off my life. I have PTA on Wednesday night which means (since we have only one car) that I need to get up early and do the morning commute, then out to the other end of town for the meeting and back again. That’s easily 3 hours of driving. This is why I listen to so many podcasts. Thursday I do the same because I have the kids and a therapy appointment, and then again on Friday because I have to see the endodontist and get her to officially tell me how terrible it’s going to be. I’m supposed to meet a friend for lunch this week or next and I’m going to push it to next to buy myself some time.

Finally, the tooth pain is pretty bad today. I’ve been dosing with ibuprofen every four hours for nearly a week. It’s really not good at all.

The other thing that’s happening in my life that isn’t really the focus of this blog but will impact it is that I am a huge fan of lists. I have a to-read list that is is the 3500 book range. I’m trying to read two off the “classics” section, one off the “history” section and one off the “religious/spiritual” section per month plus whatever other books I can fit in around the edges. I have 9 ongoing craft projects that I intend to complete this year. I have 128 seasons of TV shows and 308 movies on the “to watch” list. Some people have real hobbies. I have making and completing lists.


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