Day 2: Playing Catch Up

Yesterday’s starting weight: 218.8

Calories: 1060

Exercise: 7 minute workout (although I started to collapse a bit on the last two exercises) and 4721 steps. Not a perfect day since I didn’t make my step count but much closer.

Work: 10/10 articles for 35.25. This number is abysmal, of course, but this is what happens when 9/10 articles are done for half a cent a word.

Today’s weight: 217.4. This represents just .4 more than my lowest weight, right before Thanksgiving. Just another 2.5 ish pounds to the 30 pound loss mark.

Items on my to do list today: 72. I have no expectation of completing it but I’d like to knock down a few more items.

Goal for today: 10 articles, long walk, PTA meeting, and some of the housework which makes up the bulk of the to do list.

Today’s life issues: None! I mean, it took two sleeping pills to get me to sleep and I’m not as alert and focused as I’d like to be but I’m still rolling right along.

Today’s victory: I bought a pair of the next size smaller shorts this morning when I was at the store, and they FIT. They fit well enough that I can wear them without feeling like a sausage trying to escape its casing. This is awesome news. This makes me just one size away from my acceptable range of sizes.


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