Day 3: In Which Everything Goes to Hell

Yesterday’s starting weight: 217.4

Exercise: 2378 steps

Calories: 1800

Work: 0/0 for 0 dollars. They didn’t finish editing Tuesday’s piece until late last night and I’m not allowed to pull a new article until the edits on the previous one are complete, for now. And I’ve decided I’d rather not work for pennies, and would rather do some chores or some of my list items instead.

Today’s weight: 216.8 This is fairly incredible considering the calories situation and the lack of exercise situation. I’m not convinced this is a “real” weight, though. My body is well known for taking an extra day to react to high calorie days, so we shall see what tomorrow brings us.

Life issues: Yesterday my lawyer and I both put in time and effort fighting the frivolous machinations of the ex-husband. I thought we were making progress and then, after a disastrous PTA meeting, I got an email from my ex. He’s no longer acknowledging my right to have the children one day a week. He’s claiming that a potential typo in the orders invalidates my right to the children. Despite the fact that 1) we agreed to this 2) there’s several mentions elsewhere in the orders about the Thursday nights 3) this is part of the standard possession schedule for our state and 4) he’s been obeying it literally every week since the divorce was final, nearly 6 years now.

My evening consisted of frantic emails to my lawyer and the school principal. Theoretically, she can’t just give him the kids on my day. Unless he convinces her that his reading of the orders is correct. This is concerning to me because he is indeed charming and persuasive.

I also called the local police department to give them a heads up, figuring, you know, it’s not every day that someone provides written warning nearly 24 hours before committing parental abduction, but here’s a fun life tidbit for you: they don’t care. At all. They said, we don’t get involved in custody disputes, take it up with your lawyer. Good to know. I mean, *I* thought that parental abduction was a real thing but apparently not in the eyes of our cops. I get that they have murders and whatnot to occupy them but c’mon.

Today’s goals:

1) successfully retrieve the children

2) complete another article

3) see my doctor AND my therapist

4) 7 minute workout

5) meet my steps goal

I’m also hoping my lawyer can bitch-slap the ex into the dirt but that’s not really on my list of goals, since it’s on him to do it. I try to have a positive and upbeat attitude about my ex because he is the father of my children, he’s important to them, and it’s best for us all if no one is spewing hate or bile. But at times like these it’s hard not to wish that he could provide definitive proof of spontaneous human combustion.


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