Days 5-7: Slow Down

This weekend was so peaceful. And boy oh boy did I need that.

Friday morning’s starting weight: 216

Friday’s calories: 1340

Friday’s exercise: 1292 steps.

Saturday’s starting weight: 216.2

Saturday’s calories: 1042. This may not be accurate. Indeed, from Sunday’s weight and today’s I’m sure it’s not. We went out to dinner. I ate only meat, no carbs that I know of, and that’s the calorie count as provided by My Fitness Pal, but I’m sure that’s not entirely accurate.

Saturday’s exercise:10,073 steps

Sunday’s weight: 219.4

Sunday’s calories: 1121 but again, this is not accurate. There were cookies, somewhere between six and twelve, that aren’t accounted for with this calorie count. They’re homemade so I have no idea how many calories are in them.

Sunday’s exercise: 10,048 steps

Today’s weight: 218.4

Friday evening I had an unreasonable amount of pina coladas. I then dragged myself up on Saturday morning to finish getting the house clean and make cookies because my father in law was coming into town to help work on the never ending bathroom remodel. And then I spent the entire day just reading. It was glorious.

He took us out to dinner and then I grabbed the dogs and went on a walk until I hit my steps.

Although I was careful at dinner not to go for the bread basket or anything like that, I expected to be up on Sunday and I was indeed, by about three pounds.

Sunday morning the men continued to work (I am, I think, just ONE MORE WEEKEND OF WORK away from an actual functional shower!) and I continued to read and console myself with the cookies I’d made for my father in law. After dinner I took the dogs out again until I hit my steps and I almost hit the water yesterday, not like Friday or Saturday, and so I expected an improvement this morning. And lo, it has come to pass. But on the other hand, I had hoped that it would be a bit better than this. That dinner, no matter what the calories, was not anywhere near 2-3 pounds worth of calories.

Life issues: My lawyer says the only way to stop the ex is to take him back to court. I’m going to offer him a deal first, because maybe if he feels like he can torture me without legal being involved that’ll be good enough.

But, and this is amazing to me, the ex has cojones of steel because after hitting me with not one, but two massive legal actions in the past week, he asked me for a favor. He wanted me to give him the kids this weekend for Easter at his church.

Ponder that. Let it sink in. He instigated things that will cost me thousands in legal fees and then immediately asked for a favor.

I ignored his request because obviously I did.

And this is where the cojones went from steel to titanium. He then said, well, since you’re not responding, I’m just going to take them this weekend without your permission. We’ll figure out a weekend you can have in exchange later.

Are you effing kidding me? Who does that?

Anyway. Between my deal and my lawyer we’ll work it out and I’m sure that he won’t manage to steal the children from me. Every time that I think I’ve found the limits of his insanity, he manages to up the ante.

I’m already working today. The goal for today is to be good with the calories, get my steps and the 7 minute workout in, do some chores around the house and some reading. It should be a fairly easy day, all things considered.


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