Day 8: Like a Hamster in a Ball

You know how if you put a hamster in one of those balls so they can roll around your house and pretend to be wild and free but are (theoretically) safe from cat attacks, they inevitably find a corner and keep ramming their head into it? That was me yesterday.

Yesterday’s starting weight: 218.4

Yesterday’s calories: 1966. I was doing really well and then, around midnight, I was like, I have a need. A need for pizza. The willpower was not there and there was indeed pizza. That’s what pushed my calories from the 1200 range to the 2k range. Not so great.

Yesterday’s exercise: If you recall, I had planned to do the 7 minute workout and the long walk. I started the 7 minute workout and rolled my ankle stepping down from the step ups on a chair move and it was swollen all afternoon. Total fail. I had it elevated and iced all afternoon/evening.

Today’s weight: 216.8. I’m down 1.5 pounds. I assume I’ll see a return of the weight tomorrow what with the pizza.

Life issues: Yesterday I did the best that I could. I did my article and waited in vain for it to be edited in time for me to get another one. The actual final edit didn’t come through until 3am.

I did some laundry but that’s about all I did from a chore standpoint.

What I really focused on was the reading on my list. I finished one of the books on my list, one of the TV shows on my list, and got almost done with two other books on my list. A little bit more on those and we’ll be done.

Also yesterday, the husband wasn’t speaking to me because he’d promised to handle the worst of the deal with my ex–since dealing with him gives me panic attacks–and then didn’t do it. I was upset and he was upset that I was upset, which I have never understood. I did it myself today.

Today is not going so well. I am paralyzed with fear and anxiety and can barely even get through this blog post. But the day is almost over now. In another couple of hours I get to talk to the kids and then I can take some meds and put myself to bed.


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