Day 9: Pushing Through

Days like yesterday is why I go to therapy. Instead of sinking into a sinkhole of hopelessness, I followed my therapist’s orders. Self-care. I drank some water, I did a very very short walk because I was watching my ankle, and I held myself to a single glass of wine and half a piece of cake in the self-indulgence area.

I had trouble sleeping again. I was up too late, so I slept too late, and I still feel a little bit out of it.

Yesterday’s starting weight: 216.8

Yesterday’s calories: 1243–not bad considering I started the day with leftover pizza and ended it with cake and wine.

Yesterday’s exercise: 1308

Today’s weight: 217.2

The good news is that I just got him to agree to give me back my days. I just need to get the legal framework in place so he cannot revoke it whenever he gets mad at me. I just need to push through a little bit longer until everything is signed and sealed the way it should be.


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