Day 10: A Brief Moment of Calm

Yesterday’s starting weight: 217.2

Yesterday’s calories: ??? After the victory with the ex we went out. I have no idea what the calories were. Maybe 3k?

Yesterday’s exercise: 1601 steps

Life issues: I spent, literally, all day going back and forth with the ex. I had two time-sensitive things he wanted and in the end I got him to agree with minimal extra stipulations. It was a great moment.

We went out and had some food and saw a random band and it was good times.

Today’s weight: 218. Could have been worse, honestly.

Today’s life issues: I gave him the kids for this weekend–which was one of his hard requirements–and I agreed to let him set one of the kids up for an extracurricular that required permission by last night. On his end, he agreed to actually comply with the orders, specifically by signing the legal paper definitively granting me the days he’s been taking from me and actually providing me with any information he has about stuff in the kids life that I might not know.

You can, therefore, imagine my surprise when he never produced any information about the parent meeting he was chomping at the bit to attend. And then the children told me that they each had projects due today, that I had no knowledge of. And also, there’s still no information on the previously agreed extracurriculars. OH AND the little one tells me he was informing the coach and other parents that I was trying to screw all their seasons over because I am, “very unstable.”

It’s definitely instability and not outrage at having the attorney general coming after me for 3k I don’t owe.

It’s definitely instability and not having him hit my children if they don’t call his new wife “mom” and me “other mom.”

I sent him an email that said, where’s the information from the parent meeting? Where’s the information on the other extracurricular activities? Where’s the information on these school projects? Why aren’t you keeping your end of the bargain? It’s been less than 24 hours since we made the agreement, you can’t even give me 24 hours?

And he said, the information from the meeting is on the website. I don’t have to give you information that’s not publicly available so I don’t have to give you anything, since everything I’m required to give is publicly available and you can find it yourself.

I’m really glad that I gave up my 4 day weekend to this shithead, let me tell you.

Instead, I just said, ok. We’ll be going to court for enforcement. And he’s read that email but has not responded. I don’t expect to hear from him again. We meet with the lawyer early next week and we’ll have to dig the money up for the enforcement and file it immediately.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing that I can do about the fact that now all the parents I see at my kids’ events think I’m unstable. I hate him with the passion of a thousand fiery suns.


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