Day 11: I’m a Slow Learner

Yesterday’s starting weight: 218

Yesterday’s calories: ?? I went out to lunch and then we went out for drinks so who knows. Not much, though. I had a small sandwich and some guacamole and a drink and that was about it, so it should have been ok.

Yesterday’s exercise: 1443 steps. But the good news is, my ankle is finally back to normal, so I can finally get back to the long walk today. And maybe tomorrow I can start to add back in the 7 minute workout.

Today’s weight: 216.8. Good to see a drop again.

Life Issues: I am disappointed in myself for trusting him. Now I have to go in and meet with the lawyer and deal with enforcement and do the entire fight and I hate it so much, I really do. I’d rather do almost anything at all instead. Root canals, I would LOVE to do my root canals instead of going to meet with the lawyer and going into court.

After all these years and everything he’s done to me, why would I trust him to do what he said? Why??

Today I’m cleaning the house and finishing stuff before Passover starts this evening and, time permitting, I’m looking at the edits they’ve sent me for the new writing gig to see if I can figure out what they want that I’m not giving them. I’m getting back into the groove of like after the insanity of the last week.


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