Day 12: Low-Carb and High-Wine

It is now Passover. If you aren’t Jewish you might have no idea or maybe a vague idea what this means. Basically, it’s a celebration of the Exodus story. The Ten Commandments (with or without Charlton Heston, as you prefer) and so on and so forth. What this means to me in a practical sense is that the low-carb thing just became way way easier. No grains during Passover, including flour. It also means WINE. So. Much. Wine.

Yesterday’s starting weight: 216.8

Yesterday’s calories: 2000 (ish) I did the ceremonial dinner thing last night (AND tonight) and it’s hard to estimate when you’re eating food someone else made.

Yesterday’s exercise: 1021 steps. I was totally going to walk the dogs when I got back from the sedar but I’d forgotten about the wine situation.

Today’s starting weight: 215.6 <—- THIS IS MY NEW LOW WEIGHT!!! AWWW YEAH!

Life issues: none. I’m pushing the unpleasantness with the ex out of my head. The sedar last night involved quite a bit more than four glasses of wine. You have to have four (although you can sub out grape juice) and the glasses don’t need to be full (the technical rule, per the rabbi tonight is the volume of a quail egg, which I imagine was a pertinent system of measurement when they made that call) but last night’s sedar was very much a party atmosphere. Tonight’s was more low-key and I kept my wine to a reasonable level.


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