Day 15: Hungry!

Yesterday’s starting weight: 216.

Yesterday’s calories: 1111

Yesterday’s exercise: 7 minute workout, no walk. The workout was hard and I was starting to fall apart on the last few exercises. And my back and shoulders hurt this morning.

Today’s weight: 216. 2. SO ANNOYING. Are you kidding me right now, body?

Yesterday I started the intermittent fasting concept, eating only between noon and 6pm. I was so hungry in the evening but I held firm.

I took some sleep meds and was in bed by 10pm, but then I was awake at 1am with tooth pain. I had to decide how I wanted to handle that. I could take ibuprofen and hope I’d go back to sleep or I could take something stronger that will help me go back to sleep. I chose the second option and had half a vicodin. I slept late again as a result but not as late as I have been so all is well.

Work was on the agenda today but there are no articles available for me so instead I’m pushing onward on other things, reading and taking things off the TV and movie list.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to get HBO without a cable subscription which was supposed to be available today, but apparently that’s only if you have Apple TV, an ipad, or a specific broadband provider. None of these apply to me. Instead, I’m trying Sling TV, which is good for sports and similar things, but should have HBO now by the end of the week, before Game of Thrones starts. This whole ordeal is such a pain.


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