Day 16: Actual Productivity At Last

Yesterday’s starting weight: 216.2

Yesterday’s calories: 961

Yesterday’s exercise: 1959 steps. The walk was cut short because the dog was having poop issues.

Today’s weight: 215.4. This is a happy number. Just .6 from having lost 30 pounds. Come on, body. Help me out here.

Yesterday I did some chores, I did an article, I watched a movie off my list, and did some of my overdue reading. I felt like a functional human being.

Today I was supposed to do the 7 minute workout but my shoulder still hurts from the last time. I got my sleep almost completely fixed. On the agenda for today: do another article (because they still didn’t release me which is crazy frustrating), take a bath and fix my nails because I have PTA tonight.

The PTA is not my favorite thing but I do my duty. The people there have known each other for years and I’m new. They all live within a couple of blocks from the school but I live about 30 minutes away so I can’t get in as often as they do. As a result, I’m the perpetual outsider. I hate it. I keep chugging along, hoping that eventually they’ll accept me.

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