Day 17: Back to Normal

Yesterday’s starting weight: 215.4

Yesterday’s calories: 986

Yesterday’s exercise: 800 steps. PTA sucks out my will to live, let alone walk.

Today’s weight: 213.6 <—— DO YOU SEE THIS?? It’s past the 30 pound mark. I started at 244 pounds and change and so 214 would have been 30 pounds. That’s 31 pounds!! SUCK IT, FAT!

Today, I have gotten up at a normal time, taken the husband to work, stopped at the store, baked some cookies for the kids and done my article. My article yesterday was, per them, excellent but they still aren’t turning me loose. I’m going crazy over this, because I NEED THE MONEY. *sigh*

For now, I’m getting the house ready for the kids before I leave for therapy and picking them up. It’ll be a long afternoon but at least in theory as soon as they go to sleep so can I and that might be the last step towards fixing the sleep schedule. Fingers crossed. 🙂


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