Day 18: Staying Busy and Making Progress

Yesterday’s starting weight: 213.6

Yesterday’s calories: 1440

Yesterday’s exercise: 5219 steps. It’s always easier to make my steps when I have the kids. The big one had an afterschool activity so the little one and I went and walked around the park and talked. It was lovely.

Today’s weight: 212.6 AWWW YEAH! This number is great. My sister does this thing where she thinks of the number like a year. So the year for today’s weight would be 2126. And I just realized that I’m very close to getting out of the future, which is great when your goal weight is in the middle ages. 🙂

Yesterday I did my article, I did some housework, I went to therapy, I got the kids, we did homework and we read and cuddled. I really, really needed that. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen them and it’s been really hard.

Then last night the tooth pain was so bad I was up most of the night. I got up with the kids and got them ready and off to school and then I went back to bed and slept until noon. There goes all the careful work on fixing the sleep schedule. 😦

This evening is the big one’s first game of the spring sports season. The little one’s first game is tomorrow, so I get to see my ex and his wife–who still insists that the kids call her mom and still pretends she IS their mom to everyone they meet–two days in a row. Plus, these are the people he’s told that I am “very unstable.” So…yeah. This is going to be tons of fun.

Also, a note on the weight and the calories. The big test is coming up–we have a birthday in this house next weekend. We go big for birthdays. There’s always a super intense cake, plus we do all those buy one get one birthday specials at local stores. Hopefully I can survive that without gaining too much of it back.


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