Day 20: In Which I Have Fun and My Body Punishes Me

Yesterday’s starting weight: 214.2

Yesterday’s calories: 1051

Yesterday’s exercise: 3497 steps.

Today’s weight: 217.6


I went out last night but I wasn’t bad. I had two drinks, vodka tonics, which are low in calories/sugar, and I planned around it on the earlier calorie consumption. And then I came home and I walked the dogs, not as long as I’d intended but it’s still something.


Breathing. Breathing. Maybe it’s a temporary blip.

Perhaps it’s a sleep issue. I didn’t get to sleep until 6am, and I dragged myself out of bed 5 hours later. We had movie tickets earlier today and I had a diet soda and a few fries, but I’m feeling pretty bloated. I don’t know if that’s what the weight is, bloating? Or what. But I am not amused.

Now I’m sitting quietly, trying to stay awake, and once I get through the evening, which involves talking to the kids, walking the dogs–which I can’t do in the daylight, apparently, since my neighbors apparently have an issue with properly restraining their dogs when they’re hanging outside on the weekends–and then it’s Game of Thrones night (woohoo!) and then bed.

Did you hear they’re going off book? This is annoying because I have read the books and I enjoy the smug superiority of having advance warning of things like the Red Wedding. On the other hand, I am VERY concerned about the future of the book series. The most recent book had it’s publication date pushed back and Martin said he’s going to move to a different series for a while. I don’t know if any of you read the Wheel of Time series as it was being published but I did and we do NOT want a repeat of that disaster. I look at the Daenerys storyline in the books–we haven’t quite caught her up in the series–and I’m actually hoping they fix that in the show because that, my friends, was a “Winter’s Heart” situation all over again.

In case all of that was gibberish, this is the basic breakdown:

  • The Wheel of Time was an epic fantasy series like Game of Thrones.
  • Robert Jordan, the author, starting to lose focus and steam as the books went on, culminating in a book called “Winter’s Heart” where one of the main characters was literally walking through the snow for 400 pages.
  • Robert Jordan DIED before the series was finished.
  • Brandon Sanderson, who does epic fantasy himself, stepped in and got the series on track again and finished it out.
  • In the last GoT book (VERY minor spoiler) Daenerys spent way too much time sitting in that town she conquered, not doing a great job ruling it and basically losing all momentum. It’s the rough equivalent of CSPAN on Westeros.
  • George RR Martin does NOT appear to be engaging with the level of focus and dedication he should have at this point in the series.

Does anyone have Brandon Sanderson’s number? Maybe he could make a few notes….

Happy Game of Thrones premiere night!

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