Day 21: I Need New Neighbors

Yesterday’s starting weight: 217.6

Yesterday’s calories: 1100

Yesterday’s exercise: 6980 steps

Today’s weight: 216.4

Well. A drop is good, but I’m still up four pounds from Friday. This is not good.

Last night after Game of Thrones, I took the dogs on a walk. I walk after dark because during the day the neighbors have their dogs outside, hanging out with them, and too many of them are not restrained or well enough trained, and they chase us.

This doesn’t happen to me at night, normally. Last night, though, 2/3 of the way through my walk, some little yipping dog flew out of the dark and JUMPED ON TOP of my dog. I look for the owner and see that they’re sitting on their porch, laughing at the dog’s antics. Not ok, neighbors. NOT OK.

I used to like this neighborhood, at least well enough not to actively want to move, but that is changing quickly.

Today, I get to go to school and have lunch with the kids, get my hair cut (Groupon for the win!) and maybe get some work done. The job site is down for maintenance as indeed it has been all weekend, but should be back up this evening. I’m still stuck on one article at a time, but it’s better than nothing.


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