Day 22: I Consider, Then Reject Starvation as a Dieting Plan

Yesterday’s starting weight: 216.4

Yesterday’s calories: 1000

Yesterday’s exercise: 1407

Today’s weight: 213.2

FINALLY, the weight drops back. It must have been water weight or bloating.

Yesterday I was so tired. The sleep schedule was completely out of whack, again and continuously, and I got up early and thought I was going to pass out of exhaustion all day. I went to the school and had lunch with the kids, which was fun, and then I got my hair cut. After that I went to the husband’s job and waited till he was ready to come home. When we got home, I ate and then went to bed. I slept for 12 hours and for the first time in over a week I feel really rested.

Yesterday I had nothing to eat until after 4pm. Since I’m not eating before noon or after 6pm, I was out of luck because I had to leave at 11am to get to the school in time for the first lunch period. And I wasn’t home again until 4:30pm. I wasn’t even really hungry for most of that time. I started thinking, you know, maybe I could just NOT EAT for a few weeks and that’ll help. But of course, by the time we got home I was ready to eat a horse.

I do this every few months, think about starvation as a plan. But every time, I end up going back to food. Lack of willpower is a bitch.

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