Day 23: Frustrations and Decisions

Yesterday’s starting weight: 213.2

Yesterday’s calories: 1032

Yesterday’s exercise: 2003 steps

Today’s weight: 216.2

OF COURSE I’m up 3 pounds this morning. God forbid my body give me more than a single day of happiness.

Yesterday I struggled through another assignment for the new job and then I thought, why am I doing this? This isn’t my strength, it doesn’t pay that well, and they aren’t liking my work any more than I’m liking their assignments.

I think I’m done. Barring unexpected love from them, I’m pursuing other things. If I have to work for pennies for a week or two until they come up, so be it.

Today is my wedding anniversary. My husband wanted to take me to the restaurant where we had the reception, but I didn’t want to spend the money or the calories, really. Instead we’re going to have wine and cheese at home and watch a movie or something.

Today I’m having lunch with a friend, then I’m going to do the shopping, then I’m going to come home and clean a bit before it’s time to go get the husband and start our anniversary celebration. I’m not counting the calories tonight. What it is, it is.


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