Day 24: Happy Anniversary

Yesterday’s starting weight: 216.2

Yesterday’s calories: I have no idea.

Yesterday’s exercise: 1322 steps

Today’s weight: 215.6

Yesterday I didn’t even try to track my calories. I had lunch with my friend, so I had a sandwich, and then we had brie and chicken salad on baguette for dinner and a cupcake for dessert.

And I’m down a little on the weight. That’s because I was inexplicably up three pounds, so even this drop represents a bit of a gain.

Yesterday I got another writing job, something that is easy and more money per word, although there will not be as much of the work, so that’s not a true life plan. Still, it’s encouraging. I have a couple of other irons in the fire as well, so it’s going along nicely.

My anniversary was lovely. We ate our dinner and watched a movie, “Marnie.” It’s an Alfred Hitchcock movie, starring Tippi Hedron from “The Birds.” It’s a little strange, but a young and incredibly sexy Sean Connery really helped.

Today I finally remembered not to drink my coffee in the morning, instead going to get my blood test done. We’ll see what the cholesterol and whatnot is.

In less than two hours I start the chaos of the weekend. Therapy, kids, birthday, sports, hockey.


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