Day 25: In Which Nothing Was Achieved

Yesterday’s starting weight: 215.6

Yesterday’s calories: 708

Yesterday’s exercise: 3721 steps

Today’s weight: 216.6

I mean…why? WHY?

Yesterday I did shopping, blood test, got the kids, went to the mall, got birthday cookie (yeah, literally 200 of those calories were a cookie…that was a third of my consumption…and still the weight increase. Because my body sucks, that’s why.) and then we came home, made some potato soup, the kids were fed and then I went directly to bed.

This post is going up late because this day has been totally chaotic. I took the kids and the husband into work, came home and changed and went to my women’s group meeting (where someone bought me a waffle…so this day’s calories are already in a bad place) came home and changed again and did some work before I went to get the kids and then out to the husband, then to the sandwich place, then to the kid’s volleyball game and we’re just now home.

Tomorrow will be only a little less crazy.

Breathing breathing.


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