Day 34: I Bore Myself But Still Can’t Shake the Sadness

Yesterday’s weight: 216.6

Yesterday’s calories: 1195

Yesterday’s exercise: 161 steps. That’s what happens when you never leave the house.

Today’s weight: 216.8. I have to think that this isn’t right. I didn’t weigh myself till after I’d taken some meds and had some water, and I know that in the past doing that has produced a big swing in the weight from even a few minutes  before. I finished my gallon of water yesterday, too, so it can’t be just water retention. VERY ANNOYING.

Regardless, I spent yesterday sitting quietly and being sad. It’s no good.

This morning I was up before 5am with the tooth pain–that credit card CANNOT get here fast enough for me–and it ended up taking ibuprofen plus excedrin plus vicodin to get it to go away, which means I went back to sleep. Vicodin is not conducive to awake. And now I’m up with the headache that vicodin ALWAYS gives me and feeling like my brain is sunk in a tub of jello.

It’s worth noting that the credit card will not allow me to do all the work that needs to be done. Indeed, if the endodontist is right about what the insurance will pay, it will only cover half of the root canals, not the crowns or anything. But it would take care of the teeth that have been causing me pain lately, so that’s worth something.

I could go back to sleep right now. I need to find a way to shake off the sleep meds and the vicodin because this constant groggy stupidity is killing me. I’m not working or applying for more jobs as a result of it, because I’m not smart when I’m coming off the drugs and it won’t end well.


I’m going to force myself to take the dogs on a walk here in a bit. That might help.


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