Day 36: Holding the Line

Yesterday’s starting weight: 215

Yesterday’s calories: 1205

Yesterday’s exercise: 1833 steps

Today’s weight: 214.8

Today we have a non-scale victory. Previously I had taken the plunge and moved to a size 14 jean short in preparation for summer. I thought I could work my way towards it over the summer, since I had only just moved from a size 18 to a size 16 jean. To my total shock and joy, they fit. And they weren’t even tight.

Today, I thought, let’s see what the size 12 jean shorts feel like. I bought them, and they fit. They’re a little snug and I’d need a looser top because there is some slight muffin top unpleasantness happening. But STILL. Victory is mine!

I have, in my mind, a range of sizes I think of when I think of myself. There’s the size 8 “college size” which is about as thin as I can possibly imagine being. There’s the size 10 “pre-baby size” where I look reasonably cute, and then there’s the size 12 “post-baby pre-massive weight gain” size, where I am slightly chubby but still acceptably cute. This is a major moment.

It’s a great day over here! I hope you are all similarly happy and productive today.


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