Days 37-39: Like A Knife in the Face

I don’t even care about the weight/calories/exercise situation right now.

Friday I was at about 1200, Saturday I was good except for an insane amount of chicken salad and a cupcake, yesterday I had a brownie and a sandwich and that’s about it.

I was down to 212.6 yesterday and up again today to 215.4, probably a delayed reaction to the chicken salad situation.

Friday I got to experience the joys of being shunned and watching my child fail spectacularly at elective sports. I don’t know what my ex told the coach and other parents about me but it must have been a doozy.

Saturday my husband left for an overnight party at his CEO’s house out of town. This party–an annual family barbecue that has a bunch of corporate sponsors (?!)–apparently went really well and he may have angled himself into an interview for a promotion, which is at a whole different salary range, so that’s good.

That meant that my Saturday was a solo day with the kids, which is fine, of course. I love those kids more than life. We did the little one’s sports game, which was also a bit of a fail, but those parents were far less shun-prone than the Friday night ones, so that was a win. Then we made a double batch of brownies for the end of Sunday school picnic.

Then we went out to a Shakespeare play. We left at intermission because the little one kept standing up and asking questions that were distracting people, but they seemed to understand and appreciate the first half, anyway.

The end of Sunday school came and they all enjoyed it, but I realized once I was there that I should have brought their teachers an end of school gift. Oops.

After the picnic and the field day at Sunday school, we picked up the husband and that was pretty much the end of the weekend.

The one constant was the STABBING PAIN IN THE FACE that I’ve been experiencing. The husband’s new credit card cannot come fast enough. We should be able to do the two root canals in the same quadrant on that card, which is the most that can be done in a single session anyway, and those are the ones that are causing the stabbing pain.

I’ve been taking half a vicodin as needed when the ibuprofen/excedrin combos aren’t enough but I’m running low on our vicodin supplies, and that’s the only prescription pain medicine we have here.

It’s a real problem.

I’ve taken to letting all food come to room temperature before eating to minimize the pain, but there’s also this weird swelling under my tongue on that side, which is making eating anything crunchy or even a little acidic impossible.

It’s mostly coming to protein shakes and lunch meat. Not great. On the other hand, if I can avoid eating more chicken salad (WHY IS IT SO DELICIOUS??) this could work out for my weight loss plans.


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