Two Down, Two and a Half To Go

After fighting the insurance again on Monday, I finally got everything resolved yesterday and went to the new dentist.

The new dentist, thank the Lord, has an automatic payment plan. So we can do everything right away and pay for it over the next two years. I hate having to take on those kinds of payments but at least we’re in business.

And they did the two teeth that were hurting me right away.

I was in the office for nearly 6 hours. I walked there and back, fortunately not too terribly far away.

Last night I was so excited about being able to eat without major pain that I ate more than I should have, and that’s just as well, because when I tried to eat this morning it was agony. I may never eat again at this rate. I hate to upgrade my pain meds to the tylenol with codeine they gave me.

Next Tuesday they’ll do the one that should only need a filling and hope for the best.

I need to take more pain medicine now, everything hurts so much. My lips are swollen and the edge of my mouth is bleeding, and my tongue where it attaches to the bottom of my mouth feels like it’s bleeding even though it isn’t. I feel really terrible. And I need to rest today because tomorrow I’m chaperoning a field trip.


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