No Rest For Any of Us, Wicked or Not

Yesterday I chaperoned a field trip. I was the only parent from my class but there were many parents for the grade, and before the field trip started, we were all standing together. One of them is one of my fellow PTA members. I saw here and did the big friendly smile and wave. She looked at me and then looked past me. No response. It was terrible and hurtful. Of the other parents, most of whom I know, only one spoke to me.

Are they just terrible people? Am I so unlikable? I don’t know which it is but either way it was awful.

On the way to the field trip the car started overheating and struggling, and I barely made it there in time. The husband got a ride to the location and then took the car home and worked on it, picking me up when he could.

When we got the kids, the car overheated and we had to sit it out in the burbs until the car cooled down. We got home and I did all the kid stuff, homework and whatnot, so the husband could work on the car. The car is doing much better this morning.

I’m still in terrible pain this morning. The worst is my tongue, I really think they tried to rip it off entirely.

I’m at a new low weight this morning, not entirely surprising since I’m mostly living on protein shakes. Today’s weight: 211.4.

Tonight we have volleyball, tomorrow we have soccer (weather permitting, as there’s a chance of rain here tonight and tomorrow) and if we can at all make it, religious services, reading, homework, a party for the big one on Sunday, and more things than I can possibly even remember.

It seems like I can do dental work every week until we’re done, probably three weeks of treatments and then a couple of visits for crowns and a cleaning and then it’s over. By the end of June I should be done, we can remove the IUD and we can see if I can still produce a child.


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