Bloody Surprises

When I went to the dentist last Tuesday, I thought it was for the root canal. I was so, so wrong. 

Apparently, the teeth that I had root canals on the week before needed more tooth for the crowns, and so I needed two separate crown lengthenings. 

Do you know what a crown lengthening is? Because I most definitely did not. 

Basically, to make more tooth, they remove part of your gum. It’s a form of oral surgery. 

You know that clear tube they use for suction? It was solid red for nearly two hours. I thought I was going to die. 

Then, still numb and shaky from the treatment and the pain medicine, I went to my kid’s game. The stepmom was there and the good news is, my kid appears to have been wrong. She’s not thinner than me. But it’s getting close. 

During the game, my kid got hurt and I went to get her but my ex literally ran out in front of me, grabbed her, and handed her to his wife. There are no words for the rage I felt. 

I spent the rest of the week mostly sleeping, drugging myself into sleep to avoid the pain. 

It’s not really a surprise that I hit a new all time low weight, 210.4 pounds, since I was living on yogurt, pudding and protein shakes.

On Thursday the car exploded again, forcing me to cancel at the last minute my school volunteering commitment and my therapy session. 

By Friday, the pain in the tooth that needed a root canal was so severe that even on the Tylenol with codeine I couldn’t sleep. I managed to get an appointment for Saturday, where they did the first half of the root canal, relieving the pain. 

I was so excited that yesterday, for my holiday celebration, I ate real food. Chicken! Sausages! It was awesome. Until the gums on both sides became inflamed and painful. I’m back to liquid food now.

Per my treatment plan, that’s the last root canal I needed. This Friday I go in to have the stitches in my gums removed and the root canal finished. I’ll try to talk them into doing the last of the cavity work as well. If I can, that means I’ll be done with all the invasive treatments. 

All that would be left would be the crowns, which does not involve drilling or (unless I’m mistaken) novacaine. And then a cleaning. 

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope for the end of the dental work to come sooner, rather than later. I’m ready to be done with this phase of my life. 

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