Betrayed By My Own Body

Curse you, body!

Today I went back to the dentist. This was meant to be the end of the line on the dental work. He was going to take a mold of the two teeth we did a crown lengthening on a week and a half ago, finish out that root canal, and do the last two cavities.

Instead, CHAOS. You may recall I was complaining about the amount of pain I had in my gum behind the half completed root canal? Turns out that was my gum growing over my tooth, rubbing against the rough, drilled edge.

My gums also grew from the crown lengthening.

So instead of finishing everything, we did do the two cavities, but we ALSO:

  • cut off the offending part of the overgrown gum on the right side
  • redid the crown lengthening on the two teeth on the left side
  • temporary crowns on all three teeth

The numbing is still in effect but I’m already in agonizing pain. I’m going to get another set of the Tylenol with codeine, but it has to last me through this and also through the root canal, scheduled for this coming Friday.

I still have a few left from last time and I would love nothing more than to take one of those and go directly to bed right now, but I can’t. In an hour I have to pick up the kids and then my husband. From there, he’ll drive and I can be medicated.

Also, and this is fun, I’m running a fever. I’ve been on antibiotics for the better part of 3 weeks and I’m running a fever. I mean, it could be a virus or something but seriously. I can’t win here.

That’s what I have. Agonizing pain and suffering, with the prospect of more to come.


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