The End of the Car Saga

As you know if you’ve been following along, an accident in December left us with one car, and that car has been struggling and causing life issues for us for nearly 2 months now.

After spending several hundred dollars on repair attempts, the final answer is that the car is basically dead. There’s a crack in the engine block that the engine block sealant fluid thing couldn’t fix. The car is fine for short trips but any lengthy trips will inevitably cause overheating. And the car’s definition of lengthy is extremely conservative.

This leaves us in a bit of a bind.

My father-in-law, once again cementing his position as best relative (on the husband’s side of the family) has offered to buy a decent used car that is analogous to the car we already have and pay for half of it, letting us pay for the other half over time.

There are no words for how grateful I am for these people.

But there is a bit of a glitch. He’s starting to look for a car but he won’t be able to get one to us today, obviously, and tomorrow is the last day of school. Our schedule does not work with the amount of driving our one car can handle.

And so, in yet another example of how not being on top of your finances costs you more money than it should, we’re renting a car to get us through the next two days, since we have awards assembly and early release, plus sports games each night for the next three nights. Plus PTA duties after school is out and the end of the root canal.

I hate renting a car for what is basically a month’s payment to my father-in-law for the real car, but there’s no other way to make it work.

But once my father in law gets us the new car–likely this weekend or next–we’ll be back in business. Because this car, despite it’s issues, can get the husband to and from his job. And we don’t see the kids after this weekend until July 1st. By that time, we’ll have the new car and I can use it for summer activities. It’s just getting through this weekend that will be a bit tough.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the month with a feeling of dread. June is the hardest of all months for me, it’s always the longest period without seeing the children I have to endure each year. I’ll do therapy and by the end of that time I should be ready to start trying for the next baby, which might distract me somewhat.


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