It’s All Fun and Games Until August

My long absence is due to the fact that I had the kids for the entire month of July. After the misery and unhappiness of being without them the entire month of June, it was so good to have them home.

We couldn’t go on vacation to Colorado as we had planned, because the car issues from the spring sapped our money and the husband’s vacation time, so instead we did a lot of things around town. We went to as many parks as we could find, explored a wide range of public pools and swimming spots, explored all the free summer shows and programs at local libraries, parks and museums.

The good news, beyond how much fun we had, is that I was insanely functional and productive. I was out of the house greater than 90 percent of the days, but I did all the dishes, all the laundry and all but about five meals for the entire month. Prior to July, I wasn’t even doing the dishes/laundry/dinners.

The bad news is, the husband doesn’t appear to be as excited as I am about the progress I made. It’s really upsetting me.

In other good news, I am now completely done with the dental work. It’s all done and I feel good. I’ve set an appointment with the obstetrician for the first of September, where we will remove the IUD and see if I can continue the Wellbutrin or if I have to taper off it.

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