In Which Everything Breaks And I Laugh At Fate

Normally, you know, these kinds of things make me crazy and I think about crying. But this time, I couldn’t help laughing. It’s almost impossible for anything else to go wrong at this point, really. But then, I’ve said it before.

Saturday morning I thought the house felt a little warm but assumed that it was the husband’s usual return volley to my attempt to get the house as cool as I like it. Clearly, my ancestors were from a much colder climate region because I should probably live in a place where it never gets above 80 degrees.

By the afternoon, I knew it was too hot. The thermostat indicated that the house was over 85 degrees and I was right to think it was boiling. I thought maybe the thermostat just needed new batteries but no, that’s not it. The husband started fussing with it and the short version is it’s not right. He can force it to cool, but it’ll stop cooling after a while and just go to fan.

We might need new air conditioner or air conditioner repair. There’s a chance the extended warranty the previous owner bought is still in effect and it’s covered. There’s a possibility that the alarm company can replace part of it, since the thermostat is tied to the alarm system but that’s a long shot.

Meanwhile, I’ve spent a substantial part of this weekend sweating.

And the dryer is not right, either. Apparently, there are springs inside the dryer that hold the drum in place. And one of the springs is broken. Maybe. It’s hard to say, apparently, since some of the time the dryer is working fine and other times it makes weird sounds and may or may not destroy itself. We have no potential get out of jail free card on that one, unlike the air conditioner.

And yet, all I could do is laugh. Either my therapy is going super well and I’m doing a much better job of handling stress, or I’ve finally snapped. I’m working on the theory it’s the first one.

I’ve maintained my solid work streak and cleaning streak and the purge is nearly complete. This is a major life improvement for me, and I’m proud of myself. The kitchen and the laundry room purges were completed this weekend, and I only have one box of my own things to sort through, plus five boxes of the kids’ old school papers to sort out and file, and that’s about it.

The husband has a harder row to hoe. He has more like ten boxes of his old stuff to sort through, but most of that is duplicate housewares and will end up being donated to Goodwill. I think we are less than a week out from having it all completely done and the house will finally be as empty as I want it.

Of course, it won’t be finished until we can buy all the things we need to get the house finished. We need new storage for the DVD collection, for example. And two of the bedrooms need painting badly. But I have hope that with my newly increased workload, I will be able to start buying those items incrementally.

Thus, despite the ridiculous heat (I’m typing this under a ceiling fan and in front of another fan and still sweating) I am cautiously optimistic about my future.


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