It Must Be Snowing in Hell

Everything is looking up!

It’s hard to imagine, and it’s hard to believe, but the world is a lot happier of a place today than it was at this time last week.

  1. the AC in the house is fine. The actual out of pocket to fix it was 170, which also buys us a regular check-up of the system for the next year. This could have gone far worse.
  2. the dryer is fine, the entire dryer debacle was apparently a false alarm.
  3. I got a new writing gig! Actual real research and writing that people will read and care about to the tune of about a thousand a month, more than I have been making for most months lately.
  4. the husband is getting a promotion in the next month or two. They’ve told him what they want from him, he can do it, and this promotion comes with a move towards the office that only takes 15 minutes to commute to/from. The current office is more like 45 minutes and can be up to an hour on a bad day. The new office is ALSO en route to/from the kid’s schools, so if his car dies (an inevitability) we can buy ourselves time with that commute. Presumably this promotion would also come with a raise.
  5. the house purge has resulted in some things that can be sold and we’re already getting a couple of bites on ebay.
  6. the kids are in school, and the meet the teacher nights went without issue and in fact, at the middle school orientation the ex-husband looked like the nutjob instead of me for once. WINNER.
  7. I’ve already delivered my first project for the new gig and it was accepted and loved. Apparently, I’m cooler than I thought I was.

Basically, everything is awesome.

Do you have that song stuck in your head now? I’m not even sorry.


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