Things I Should Have Seen Coming

As discussed last week, I had my IUD removed a week ago. This is the first time since 2007 that I haven’t had an IUD in. One of the great things about having an IUD is that you don’t experience periods. I recommend them to everyone because they are:

  1. effective
  2. long-lasting
  3. hassle-free
  4. no periods!

But, you know, eight years without a period is all fun and games until you remove the IUD and get a period. I was pretty sure that I was bleeding to death on Saturday but I think I’m going to survive it now.

Meanwhile, I know that men don’t understand how these things work, but you know, I could have used a little bit more sympathy and support from the husband. It was incredibly terrible.

But I survived the weekend and we did something fun each day with the kids, which is about all you can hope for. I also finished nearly everything off of my to-do list, so I’m a winner on all fronts today.

And I was right about that 3.5 pound increase last week being hormonal, because all those pounds left immediately. I’m still a few pounds heavier than I was before the summer eating craziness, but it’s not as bad as I’d thought.


The Good News Keeps Rolling In

This week, the big step happened. I went to the OB/GYN (a male, for the first time in my life, but I did ok with it) and had the IUD removed. We are now good to go on baby making. Big step.

There was a few moments of anxiety. Even though I’m a little young, there’s a family history of breast cancer pre-menopause, which puts me at super high risk, apparently. They’ve scheduled me for one of the nifty 3-D mammograms in two weeks, and they had me interrogate my surviving family members about results of the BRCA gene test, which turned out to be negative so that’s a good sign.

Meanwhile, I have been paid for previous work with the new guy and I’m continuing to work.

The money is a little tight, even with the new payment, because we’re still catching up on the old bills and we spent some on organizational stuff for the home purge, which is nearly complete now.

And I get the kids this weekend for the long weekend. We’re looking into fun stuff we can do that is minimally expensive.

We do have selichot this weekend, it’s the Jewish warm-up for Rosh Hoshana, which is a week from Monday. In kid world, this means cheese pizza, crafts, stories, and the ability to touch the Torah scrolls, which is fun for them. Usually you only get to touch the Torah scrolls in passing as they are parading around the synagogue prior to the reading of the Torah on Saturdays. And we try to go to Friday services, so we usually don’t even get that.

In other positive news, the girls got into Girl Scout troops, after three years of trying and failing to find a group we could work with and have gone to their first meetings and loved it. Plus, this means that I get an inside line on the cookies, not that I need the cookies, but you know…you can’t do spring without samoas. Or, apparently, as some people call them, coconut de-lites.

The big one is thriving at middle school, which almost no one does, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed but are tentatively happy for that.

All is well here again this week. It’s crazy. But it’s good.

The only negative news I have is that my body weight is being weird. I’ve been cutting calories but the weight keeps going up. I was up three pounds today after eating 600 calories yesterday, which is crazy. I’m working on the theory that my body is having hormonal issues from the IUD removal, since nothing else makes sense.