Wins and Losses

So there are some good things and some bad things.

After lo, these many weeks, the weight is starting to move downward again after stalling at around 214 pounds. I was down to 210 flat this morning.

We went on vacation and saw my family and my family was mostly nice to me, which is not always the case.

My therapist says I’m continuing to make tremendous progress and she’s really proud of me.

I’m socializing more and making new friends, which is hard for me and I call it a victory.

Unfortunately, highs come with some lows.

The first month of trying for another baby was a failure. I spent a good part of the week sad about that.

The new gig mysteriously disappeared. He paid me for two weeks of work, and said he was going to pay me for the next two weeks, and then disappeared completely. For over a week. Then he texted me an apology and asked for me to re-send the invoice and so I did, and it’s been nearly a week with no response or sign of payment from him. I am so disappointed.

The money we were looking forward to getting from him is, obviously, not happening, so I’m back to doing the smaller, less interesting stuff. Also, the vacation cost us quite a bit of money. We didn’t buy our airline tickets and stayed with family, but there was still costs. We had to rent a car and there was a couple of admission fees and some food costs. I’m glad we got a vacation (kid-free, no less!) but I’m nervous about the money now.

We win some, we lose some. But the good news is, it looks like my reproductive system is working like normal, which it was not last month and which concerned me. I’ve seen a dermatologist and a podiatrist and the skin and feet problems are almost completely resolved, and the ones that require ongoing treatment are pregnancy-safe, assuming we can get the job done.


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