Sliding Backwards

My weight is up, my bank account is down. This is a failure of a week.

We replaced the alternator on the car, but the car refused to start this morning, forcing me to clear my schedule, rescheduling a lunch date and my foot surgery.

Meanwhile, we’re still digging out from the hole we were in, which is exacerbated by the car problems, still unsolved, which will likely require more money to fix and that has to happen sooner rather than later, because OBVIOUSLY I need a working car.

I ate more than I should have this weekend, and my weight is up nearly five pounds from my low weight. Not all of that is from what I ate this weekend, most of that is inexplicable and may be just hormonal water weight, maybe? But this isn’t a time I would expect to bloat. I don’t know.

Also meanwhile, my mom is coming into town and wants to stay with us. This, despite the fact that she tells everyone all the time that my therapist has hypnotized me to not like her or appreciate her enough.

Humana is discontinuing my medical plan for next year, so I have to try to find another similar plan, but the new plans aren’t up yet so I have to wait for it.

All of this is happening during my fertile week, which cannot possible be good for my odds of conceiving.


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