Unexpectedly Efficient Sperm

We’re pregnant! On only the second month we were trying! Despite my advanced age and his unproven swimmers!


When we got the news, I started making lists immediately. The husband is more relaxed about things, but I will not be happy until we can complete the list of preparation items and be ready for the baby.

I’ve had a few bouts of morning sickness, but despite that and the strict diet I’m keeping to, I’ve gained something like 5 pounds from this time last month. I don’t know what that’s about and I can’t make it stop but I’m only allowed 20 pounds this entire pregnancy so I don’t really want to waste those five pounds since I suspect they are Halloween pounds and not baby pounds. It’s all very stressful.

In that vein, I’m considering hypnobirthing as a childbirth strategy. I had been considering the Bradley method, but once I realized that I was living in a place of constant anxiety I thought we should consider a form of childbirth that involves relaxation practice. I’m listening to half an hour of positive baby affirmations a day from the hypnobirthing app and I’ve gotten a couple of books from the library. There are some CDs that I can buy on Amazon, or even better, the digital editions, and that’s the next step.

I might even be able to dodge the 300 dollar childbirth class.

Meanwhile, we push onward on the money front. I’m working hard, getting enough money to cover the holidays and the two birthdays we have between now and the holidays. We’re trying to get things in order so that the money will be easing up by the time the baby is born. Everything is scary and difficult but all we can do is push forward and hope for the best.


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