It’s a….Blob

We had our first visit with the OB yesterday. The ultrasound shows a single baby (thank GOD, twins run in my family) and the heart rate is good. The size is good, and we have a confirmed estimated due date of July 12th.

The doctor took a million vials of blood. So much blood, really. And then there’s a thing that’s not great, and that’s the screening for Down’s and other chromosomal issues, which we’re supposed to do next visit at the end of the month. That test is over a thousand dollars (for a BLOOD TEST! MADNESS!) and apparently it’s not always covered by the insurance.

On my list of things to do this week or next, then, is to call the insurance company and see if they’ll cover it. They SHOULD, because I’m 35 and therefore diagnosed as Advanced Maternal Age, but if they don’t, I don’t have an extra 1000 dollars this month or ANY month. But having a Down’s baby will cost more than that, so it’d be worth the cost of the test, assuming we can find a way to get that money.

In other news, I’m not working hardly at all because the morning sickness has been relentless. Completely relentless. The doctor prescribed me diclegis and I took a dose yesterday. You’re supposed to take it at night and it lasts all day. It’s better, in that I’m not sitting quietly trying not to vomit all day, but I’m so tired. So so so tired. And I’m still not interested in food.

Here in Chicago it’s been a rough couple of weeks, as you all probably know. Protests, and the college campus being shut down, forced resignations, more protests. We’re just all hunkering in and hoping for the best. Keep us in mind.

In positive news: Hanukkah starts this weekend! Latkes! Jelly donuts! Hopefully I can eat all the things, because I love Hanukkah foods. If you haven’t had latkes, I recommend them. I like them with both applesauce and sour cream, although there are some that will argue strongly for one or the other.

As for how to make latkes, there are recipes everywhere, but this year you have the option of learning how to make latkes from the Maccabeats, a well known Jewish a capella group, whose Hanukkah song this year is almost entirely a latke recipe, and it’s the basic recipe most people use. Click here for the Maccabeats. If you feel adventurous, there are many variations available, from sweet potato latkes to nacho style latkes, and they’re all good.


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