Tax Disappointments

We did our taxes and were anticipating a significant return. Instead, we got about a third of what we were expecting. We believe that the problem came from the agreement we made at the end of the last lawsuit to pay a lump sum to help compensate the ex for the money he spends on medical premiums. We’ve been paying per month on that, as agreed, but we believe the state took the rest from the tax return. I say that we believe this to be the case because we can’t imagine what else would come out of our tax returns and the numbers are close, but the state’s website does not show that the lump sum has been paid off.

That money was going to pay off other things. Things that are more urgent. It’s so annoying.

This is, indeed, the last thing we needed.

Plus, this means that when he takes the kids to Disneyworld in two weeks, he’ll have a nice big chunk of money to spend on them there, which I have provided. I’m still annoyed I was ordered to pay ANY of his medical premiums, since his income is something like four times of what mine is. It seems remarkably unfair.

But like all things, we can only deal with the situation we have at hand. And this is the situation we have at hand now. All I can do going forward is to keep plugging away at work and try to compensate for this disaster. And at least we won’t have to keep paying on a monthly basis for this, and that’s a benefit.


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