Feeling Overwhelmed

I’m doing more work and being more productive in the past week or so than I have been this entire pregnancy, but the downside of efficiency is that I’m not being forced to face how much I haven’t been doing, lo, these past several months.

As a result, my to-do list (still loving the todoist app, btw) is out of control. It’s starting to feel like I’m being stalked by my to do list. The only real solution is to complete more items from the list, of course, but that’s obviously easier said than done.

Complicating this situation is the increasing intensity of the morning sickness. I’m 24 weeks pregnant. This is ridiculous. The nausea should be getting better or be gone by now, not getting worse. I’m not a fan. But the solution to the nausea, which peaks overnight because sure, why not? is to take the phenergan, which is an awesome med and very effective. Unfortunately, it makes me super hungover in the morning. In other words, I’m facing a terrible to do list situation, completely groggy and foggy every morning.

I’m trying to make it better by avoiding taking the phenergan, but that seems to be ending with me taking it at 1am or 2am and then sleeping too late. I’ve also tried cutting the pills in half, which is not working so well, because then I end up taking the second half late and the end result is the same.

Short of just deciding to take one at 8pm regardless of the nausea level, so I sleep a normal time period, there’s not much I can do about it.

Instead, I’m setting a timer for 10 minutes and doing mini-pomodoros, ten minutes on and ten minutes off where I can sit and blink groggily, and continuing that all day until I can’t do any more.


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