The Best News is No News

This week we saw the perinatologist again, and prior to the visit repeated the 24 hour urine test, which is my least favorite thing right now.

The best news we have so far is that the protein in the urine is roughly the same as it was a month ago.

I hope you enjoyed that sentence because that’s the end of the good news. I’m still leaking protein like a crazy person but since it’s not getting worse, it’s technically good news.

The rest of it is all going to hell. The borderline blood pressure from two weeks ago at the doctor’s office, following the high blood pressure at the drugstore, started a chain of what is now three consecutive weeks of borderline blood pressure readings at doctor’s offices. And there was another, much worse blood pressure reading at a drug store last Friday.

Also, although the nausea has been continuous, the vomiting has not been. It’s been sporadic at best, but in the past week I’ve vomited more days than I haven’t, sometimes multiple times a day. That also counts as a pre-eclampsia symptom.

Result: I’m getting a blood pressure machine tomorrow and I’m going to do blood pressure readings twice daily until further notice. I have a list of the possible reading results and a list of what to do for each of them. Most of them include going into the doctor’s office or labor and delivery.

BUT the good result on the 24 hour protein means I don’t have to do that again until next month and they think I’ll have at least that much time before I have to start looking at bed rest and hospitalization.

The other good news is that the baby is big. Not outside the range, and they don’t think it’s because of gestational diabetes (although we’ll know more after the one hour glucose test next Friday) but it’s measuring a week ahead on the weight and head size and two weeks ahead on the femur size. It’s going to be tall and chunky. Which is good, because if it has to come early to save my life–a legitimate possibility–that gives it a much better chance at a good outcome.

I feel terrible all the time. Everything hurts. I’m afraid to eat. This pregnancy is kicking my ass.



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