Everything is Going to Hell

I saw my regular OB this week, a week after the visit to the perinatologist. The perinatologist wanted me to start taking my blood pressure at home twice a day-as indeed a helpful reader of this blog also recommended–and I was able to borrow a high quality home blood pressure machine from someone who had also had preeclampsia recently. The numbers all week were mostly borderline, with a slight trend upward. And there were a couple of good readings mixed in there, too.

The blood pressure was borderline at the OB’s office, and the quick protein in the urine was a +2, which is pretty bad and exactly what it was at the perinatologist’s office the week before.

As a result, we’re having to do another 24 hour urine this week and the standards for when to call the doctor for help moved from when both of the blood pressure numbers are high to when either number is high if I have any symptoms whatsoever.

I took the first glucose test as well on Friday and we’ll know the results tomorrow. I’ve never had a glucose issue in either of my previous pregnancies but obviously this kid is a different beast entirely, and I have real concerns about my ability to escape without gestational diabetes.

Last night, I had a terrible headache and when I took the blood pressure it was not great, sitting at 138/100. Anything over 140 on the top number or 90 on the bottom number is a real problem. I waited 20 minutes and tried again and got 132/95. Not a significant improvement. I had to call the perinatologist, who told me to take some of the good pain medicine for the headache and try to sleep. Successfully sleeping would be good till morning and if I couldn’t get the headache to go away with the pain meds, to re-take the blood pressure in two hours and call if it was still high. Thankfully I could sleep, and we managed till this morning.

The blood pressure this morning is still bad, but not as bad. It was 128/91, but without a headache or vomiting it’s not a crisis. Unfortunately, it means I can’t go places today, I have to sit quietly and try to keep the blood pressure from getting out of hand. This is a real crisis because I was supposed to take the kids to the mother-daughter tea for their girl scout troop and now that isn’t going to happen.

Hopefully, this is a terrible period of randomly high blood pressure and it’ll get better from here on out, but I seriously doubt it. I think I’m headed back to bedrest and possibly looking at some hospital time.

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