Moderate Progress

The most recent test results are in and the 24 hour protein is still stable, down slightly but not enough to change it from stable to decreasing. Despite failing the 1 hour glucose, I did pass the 3 hour glucose, although the test made me incredibly sick for the rest of the day. But the bottom line is, no gestational diabetes.

The anemia continues to be a problem, since I am having trouble keeping the iron pills down, and basically every evening is a carnival of nausea with the occasional vomit session for variety.

The blood pressure is trending upwards, with several readings high enough to require a trip to the doctor for a second check, but the overall numbers are still mostly borderline with the occasional decent result to keep hope alive.

The doctor said this week–we’re now on weekly visits because I’m high-risk and getting worse–that the goal at this point is to get me to 34 weeks. That’s 3.5 weeks away. On the one hand, I’m definitely ready to be done with this pregnancy, but on the other, at 34 weeks I’d expect the little creature to spend between a week and a month in the NICU and I have no idea how that will work from an out of pocket cost perspective. Whereas, if I can get the baby to even 36 weeks, the odds are much better that the baby can come home with me.

My sister, concerned that the baby could come at any moment without warning, bought us our car seat, thank God, that sucker was the most expensive thing on the registry. Without friends or family locally we’re not doing a baby shower so we’re on the hook for baby supplies ourselves. And since I’m 9 years and 3 moves out from the last baby, we have almost nothing leftover. All we have is a crib that requires modifications to meet current safety standards and the mattress. We’ve been trolling craigslist for cheap supplies but we’re still short a lot of fairly necessary items. At least now, the biggest thing we’d need is some clothes and maybe some more cloth diapers, and once the baby comes and we know the gender I expect various family members might buy some clothes. And of course, if the baby does come soon, we’ll have the time that it’s in the NICU to get things together.

Meanwhile, planning is incredibly difficult as well. The older kids get out of school around the 34 week mark. We have all the end of year stuff to get through, awards assemblies and spring concerts, and they’re due for their summer therapy session in June as well, and that can’t be moved earlier without taking them out of school.

Basically, this week represents a slight shift forward in the battle to survive. I never expected this pregnancy to be so awful.




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