Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Yesterday we saw the perinatologist again. He looked at my blood pressure chart and said that he’s pleased with the results we’re seeing from the blood pressure meds, but the thing is, the meds make me super groggy. Like…it’s not safe to drive, groggy. I mostly sit quietly and blink or nap when I’m on the meds. As a result, on days when I definitely have to drive–like today, for example–I can’t take the blood pressure meds. Instead of taking two doses, one in the morning and one in the evening, I have to go to just one in the evening. As a result, my blood pressure jumps during the day and it’s borderline dangerous. But I have to get the kids from school. Hence the rock and hard place issue.

That also means that days where I’m driving are the only days I can count on getting things done. I’m only about halfway done with the baby afghan and I need to sew down the edges of the fabric I bought for receiving blankets, six of them. I’m hoping to do the three green ones today and the three yellow ones tomorrow. We’ve washed sheets and baby clothes, and installed the car seat. We’re as ready as we can be.

Which is good, because what the perinatologist says is that there’s a 20-30 percent chance this baby will come in the next two weeks. His best guess is that the baby will come in three weeks, and he’s not intending to let me go past 37 weeks, which is 5 weeks from now. We’re 33 days or less from a baby, is what they’re saying.

As a result of the chance of imminent induction, we did steroid shots yesterday and today. These help the baby’s lungs, brain, and intestines develop more quickly and leads to better outcomes.

The good news is that the baby is nearly 5 pounds already, running big, and babies who are more than 5.5 pounds get out of the nicu faster because they can regulate their own body temperature faster. If we can get to 35 weeks we shouldn’t need ANY nicu time.

I also see the perinatologist every week from here on out, in addition to the weekly visits with the OB. I’ll see the perinatologist on Tuesdays and the OB on Fridays. Basically, I’m going to be living at the doctor’s offices.

I hate that I have to use these few days of feeling good doing work, but things need to get done.

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