Betrayed by My Own Liver

This week saw an ominous trend. We re-ran the 24 hour urine test (my current least favorite thing) and did blood work on Monday. The blood work was looking at kidney and liver functions because there’s a nasty thing called HELLP syndrome, which occasionally pops up when you have preeclampsia. Also, I *think* the preeclampsia by itself is no good for the liver and kidneys. The entire thing is much more medically complex than my high school anatomy class can help me understand.

The good news is that I don’t, at this point, have HELLP syndrome. My kidneys look ok. But even though the liver results are all still in the normal range, three weeks ago they were low normal and this week they’ve all jumped to high normal, so my liver is definitely going south.

I asked if the liver by itself would justify inducing me early, and the nurse said calmly, if it goes to hell, it’ll all go to hell at once. The liver, the protein in the urine–which is stable this week–and the blood pressure, it’ll all fall apart at once. They think we have two weeks left, although of course, at any time my body could give up and we could need to induce immediately.

Meanwhile, we’re trying to get the end of school stuff handled, which is always miserable and difficult. We’re just about done now, we’ve done field trips, field days, talent shows, open houses, and one of the awards ceremonies. Just one more awards assembly and we’re done for the year, thank God.

I feel pretty terrible all the time, which is making doing all the things that need to be done much harder. I used to do things in ten minute bursts with breaks in between and in the past week I’ve had to cut that down to five minute work sessions and longer breaks between. I’m not doing well over here at all.



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