Near Death Experiences and the End of the Road

On Monday afternoon, my blood pressure spiked and stayed high for more than two hours. I called the specialist and he sent me to the hospital and assured me that I would be there for the next week until I hit 37 weeks and could have the baby. Or potentially even earlier, if the blood pressure could not be contained.

We wandered down to the hospital and went into labor and delivery where we sat in triage and the blood pressure was all over the place. They gave me some extra blood pressure medication, which brought down the numbers, and my own doctor was on call and he ended up sending me home once I was stabilized. It was boring and annoying for the children, but at least I survived.

The next morning I saw the specialist in his office and he was distinctly annoyed that I was out of the hospital. He told me that instead of delivering after next Tuesday when I hit 37 weeks, I should deliver BY Tuesday, BY the 37 week mark. On Wednesday, when I saw my regular OB, they scheduled me for my induction.

And that is today, Friday. We go in tonight for some cervidil to help dilate my cervix since my body is in no way ready for this baby, and then first thing tomorrow morning they’ll start me on the pitocin which should stimulate labor. Hopefully we will have a body by the end of the day tomorrow. Less than 48 hours (hopefully) until the baby comes.

The older kids are going back to their dad’s house this morning, so they’ll miss the baby’s birth, but that’s just as well since they’d have had to be in the delivery room and they might not have enjoyed that as much as they thought they would.

The next time I update this, I should have a baby. Hopefully it won’t need to go to the NICU, since it will be almost but not quite term.



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