Surviving Chaos

This week has been TERRIBLE. Not just for me, of course, the entire world is in chaos and sadness.

I feel like the entire world should take a day off of misery and suffering. Everyone should just take a day, stay home, catch up on their Netflix queue and have pancakes for dinner. The level of misery and sadness we’re all inflicting on ourselves is way too high. I was listening to a podcast where they were discussing the possibility that this summer is going to be like the summer of 1968 all over again, and the general consensus was that as long as major cities aren’t actually burning to the ground, it’s not as bad as 1968.

THIS is the best we can do this week? Cities aren’t actually on fire and we’re counting that as a win? *sigh*

Over on this end, we have exactly one week left with the older children for the summer, and then we get the occasional weekend and that’s it. We’ve started trying to push on the activities a little bit, always hard because of the newborn.

Last night, we went to an event for the kids, and then when we left, the car wouldn’t start. Another dad tried to help us, even stopping other cars to look for jumper cables. I appreciated it so much. Of all weeks, anything that gives us hope for humanity is important. Eventually the husband got the car working and it turns out that the connector thing on the battery isn’t connecting correctly? He thought he’d fixed it last night and this morning it wasn’t working again, and he had to tinker with it. I cannot handle more out of pocket expenses right now, I just cannot.

We decided to go with a cheaper insurance plan for me and the baby, and we picked one that would only increase our monthly premium by 25 dollars. Before we made the change, we specifically asked Humana how that would work with the hospital bills, and they assured us that the policy at the date of admission is the policy they use for the entire stay. The healthcare marketplace people said the same. So you can imagine my surprise and my horror when Humana updated my account to reflect the new policy and applied the hospital charges to the new plan. That means an extra 1800 dollars to meet the new deductible, plus 20 percent of the rest of the hospital bills. I called them and complained and they said, oh, we have no record of telling you that. This is our policy. Sorry.

I HATE Humana.

It’s worth noting, while I’m complaining about Humana, that they double charged me for a premium ALL THE WAY BACK in January of 2015 and have outright refused to refund it to me. For 1.5 years, now. I’ve talked to them for hours and hours on this, and they acknowledge that they owe me the refund but they won’t give it to me. If anyone knows how to make them cough up that refund, let me know.

Obviously we moved back to the old plan, which means we have to find the extra 200 a month. All this adventure did was make it impossible for me to get prescriptions filled this week and mess up my entire billing situation. And I have no idea what would happen if the baby or I needed to see a doctor before they fix this, which could be another 30 days.

The good news is that the doctor let me off house arrest and let me start driving again. The weight hasn’t changed in the past week, so we’re finally stabilized over here. The bad news is that I’m no longer restricted to just baby care and have to do chores again. I’m so tired. So so tired. I don’t know how I’m going to start working again at this level of exhaustion.


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