Stupid Metabolism

My weight had stabilized last week, which is good, it gave me a solid starting point for the ongoing weight loss. I started tracking my calories, staying in the 1500 calorie range–which is, obviously, a solid number for weight loss considering I started at 205 pounds last week.

Inexplicably, the weight started going up. Nothing I could do would stop it. Slashing calories down to 1100 did not help. Adding water did not help. Cutting carbs did not help. The weight eventually topped out at 210.2 before starting to come down again two days ago. I’m back to 209.2 now, but still. This is not a great sign, especially because I’m getting a temporary boost from the thyroid meds, they’re still at the slightly higher dosage from the pregnancy. That’s slated to change in the next couple of weeks and it will only get harder from that point onward.


We’ve paid Humana about 700 dollars to cover the premiums for me and the baby in July, plus the pro-rated premium for the baby in June. It physically hurt my heart to pay them that. Especially since 1) they owe me that 400-ish for the double charged premium payment in January 2015 and 2) they owe me about 400 more for overpaying the out of pocket maximum this plan year. I could REALLY use that 800 dollars.

At this point, they assure me that I do have coverage and so does the baby. It took me two phone calls and over an hour to get them to resubmit my current prescriptions so that I didn’t have to pay for them because after giving them all this money I’m not paying anything else that I don’t have to, period. I have no sense of humor about this at all.

We’re still hassling them about the refunds and the primary care doctors are still messed up but at this point I need to take a break before I head back into the fray.

I’ve managed to pull together another 200 dollars so I’m now sitting at 400 dollars, more than halfway to what I need for the little one’s gymnastic lessons. The trick is going to be not being forced to spend that for food and gas as we’re about to hit a massive famine over insurance premium payments. I’m so ready to be done with the struggles, I really really am.

In happier news, we’re having a day at home after being out and about a lot on Monday and Wednesday, and doing a couple of activities on Tuesday. Today’s plan is to fill up sixty water balloons, toss them on the trampoline and let the kids bounce on the trampoline until all the water balloons have popped. This is a home alternative to going to the pool, which I will certainly have to do tomorrow, as hard as that is going to be with a newborn. At least the kids are having a reasonably fun summer, even though I’m stressed and tired.



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