Life Stabilizes

I’m getting it together! HA! Take that, life.


The baby is 5.5 weeks old now and he’s getting his life together, too. He’s eating a lot–considerably more than the internet suggests he should be, but we’re not fans of hunger in this house, so he’s getting what he wants–and he’s on a normal sleep schedule now. He goes to bed between 10-11pm and sleeps 4-5 hours and then sleeps another two or three hours until morning. The husband takes that middle of the night feeding because he can go back to sleep easily while I will stay up for hours trying to get back to sleep, so I’m actually getting between 6-8 hours most nights and I feel human. He continues to be a calm baby and hardly fusses at all.

He’s going to the specialist this afternoon because his little penis has some sort of issue that kept him from being circumcised. It’s not serious, but the doctors seemed pretty sure that he’d need the urologist to do the circumcision because of it. I’m not sure if that’s happening today or if it’s just a consultation but either way, I’m a bit nervous about it.

Eating Habits

It took two weeks and change for me to get my appetite back and then I was eating weird and crazy stuff. But now I’m getting back to a reasonable eating schedule. I’m working on one meal at a time. I’ve transitioned to protein shakes and iced coffee for breakfast, which works because in the morning the baby needs food and cuddles and actual food for me isn’t feasible. The next stage is lunch. I like to have big salads for lunch but they’re a bit labor intensive with the chopping and assembly. TBD. I’m also making a big push to get my water consumption back on track, and that’s going well.


The weight has stabilized at slightly higher than my lowest post-baby weight. I’m sitting fairly consistently at 208 pounds. Now we start fighting the good fight on the weight loss again.

Medical Care

It’s about time to start transitioning out of the recovery care portion of my medical treatment and start getting maintenance care back into place. This week I’ll do the next thyroid blood test and schedule a follow up appointment with the endocrinologist. I expect my dosage to drop down, since I’m currently taking nearly twice as much as I was pre-pregnancy. I’m finally off of the blood pressure meds and the blood pressure is ok, although not yet as good as it was before the baby. I assume this means it’s not back to normal either. In about two weeks I do the final recovery appointment with the OB and get the birth control started back up, which should push my reproductive system back into a normal cycle. I expect that the next few months will be rough from a hormonal perspective as my body starts to ease back to a normal situation, but it can’t be helped. Having a baby really does a number on your body.


I’m finally getting back to work. I’ve had the older kids almost constantly since the husband went back to work and doing summer activities with a newborn in tow does not make work a feasible option. However, my summer possession ended on Tuesday night. I get the older kids this weekend and my usual every other weekend for the next month until school starts but now that I’ll have more time with just me and the baby, I can start working during his naps. To that end I’ve been gathering materials and doing research on how to move my writing to the next level in terms of income. I’ll still be doing the web content stuff for dependable income, but I’ll also be starting to work on small ebooks on specific topics and putting them on Amazon.


I had to dip into my reserve this week for a birthday present and to keep us alive until we get paid again Friday morning. My reserve is now down from 400 to about 350. I’d like to get that back up as quickly as I can.

Humana tells us that the refund for the overpayment of copays comes from the specific people I paid for service after I reached my out of pocket maximum. In other words, the hospital will have to cut me a check for the 250ish dollars we paid them, and the doctors will have to do the same for the copays I paid. The only money that will come from Humana directly is any prescription copays that I paid after I reached the out of pocket maximum. What that really says to me is that it will be months before I see any reimbursement, if the reimbursement even happens. Dubious. I detest Humana, I really do.



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