I tried this app a couple of times before and couldn’t get into it. I don’t know if I was just not in good form then or if they’ve updated it but OH MY GOD, this is the best app in the history of apps.

It’s like a to-do list but I don’t really recommend it for to-do items. I’m still loving todoist for that. It’s more.like an adjunct for being better at life. It’s role playing games for habits.

You have three categories of tasks: habits, dailies, and to-dos. I’m not sure how everyone else is using these, but in my world, the stuff that I want to do every day SHOULD be habits. I don’t want to waste decision making power on whether or not to take the dogs for  a walk. I just want the walk to happen.

You get a character–you start as a warrior but can change classes at level 10–and you add your dailies, stuff you want to do every day. You can adjust it by difficulty and create sub-tasks. For example, I have a set of exercises from the physical therapist for my bursitis that I’m supposed to do every day and there are six of them. So my daily for physical therapy has six sub-items so I can check them off as I do them.

Each time you complete an item of any kind, you get gold and experience points. The experience points move you to the next level, and you can use the gold to buy things, like upgraded weapons and armor.

If you don’t complete your dailies, you lose health. You can buy a potion to give you health back or you can level up, which refills your health bar, but you have to watch it.

The habits have + and – marks, so you can positively reinforce a good habit and negatively reinforce a bad. The to-do lists are just to do items. There are guilds and challenges, so you can join, for example, a fitness guild and do a fitness challenge.

I have gotten so much done this week, using Habitica. I’m way, way more productive than usual. Even when I had a really bad day–minimal sleep, and the baby had to get shots and was fussy and miserable–I still pushed through to finish my tasks so I wouldn’t lose health.

I’m not being paid to promote Habitica–it’s a free app anyway–I just love it to death.


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