Allergies: When God Wants to Kill You Subtly

I have allergy testing this morning. I was scheduled to do this last Tuesday afternoon but had to reschedule because they called me Tuesday morning and said, I shit you not, we meant to tell you earlier, but the wellbutrin isn’t a great thing to have in your system during an allergy test. And I said, why? And they said, oh. Well, it can mess up the results and require a retest. And…in some rare cases, it makes allergic reactions (which happen sometimes during skin tests) uncontrollable. But you’re welcome to come in and do the test anyway.

To recap: their actual idea was that the test would probably have meaningless results and could result in my death from allergic reactions that cannot be controlled but it might be worth doing anyway? Um…no. Not even a little.

Hence the reschedule.

I’ve now been off all forms of allergy meds for 2 weeks, which is how I know that actually, I filled out all their paperwork wrong. Apparently this IS a bad season for allergies for me, I just didn’t know that because the zyrtec hid it. My face has been itchy, red and splotchy, with watering eyes, this entire time. Plus I’ve had the fun allergy headaches.

I’ve also been off my wellbutrin and in the interests of safety, everything else, for about a week now. And I’m not doing that well over here. I’m snippy and depressed. I keep finding myself crying about the baby’s upcoming December surgery. I’m snarling at the husband, despite his taking the morning to work from home so the baby doesn’t have to do allergy testing and despite his determined efforts all weekend to knock stuff of the to do list. In case I was wondering if the wellbutrin is necessary to my well-being, the answer is a resounding yes.

Anyway. That’s my situation. In about 3 hours I should be done with everything and can take some medication to make me stop wanting to rip the flesh off my face.


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