Asthma and Blood Pressure

The younger child has been having coughing and wheezing after her gymnastics class and after her PE class at school. I asked her dad to take her to the doctor and he refused. Of course he did. So I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for her myself. He insisted on coming. It was terrible.

He spent the entire visit deliberately countering every thing she or I said to the doctor. If I said we see it after activity, he said, well I had her run with no issue. And I said, prolonged activity, and he said, she ran half a mile. And she said, I ran the length of four houses! And he said, no, it was more than that.

That went on for more than an hour, all told. We walked out of there with a prescription for an inhaler, over his objections.

We dropped her off at school and when we got home I was having a splitting headache and so I took my blood pressure and it was outrageous. It was 150/105. That’s ridiculously high, at least as high as it was when I was in a crisis situation during the pregnancy. I called the doctor and they sent me to the ER and the people there said that they don’t treat blood pressure unless it’s 220/110 or worse, and they sent me home. Since then I’ve been taking the leftover blood pressure medicine and keeping it under control but it’s borderline low, now.

I blame this on the ex-husband. I had to deal with him on Wednesday for the older one’s cross country meet and it was rough. And then I had to deal with him again on Thursday morning. He is literally going to kill me. Since then I’ve been trying to do everything I can to reduce my blood pressure–eating foods that are good for blood pressure, taking decent walks every night, trying to stay calm. But it’s not good.


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