Money Out and Sugar In

This weekend has not been a great one from a goals perspective.

Friday we did the baby’s naming ceremony. He should have had a bris and we’d have done the naming at that time but he can’t do a bris because he’s got a wacky penis that needs surgical intervention and they’ll have to do the circumcision then, so no bris for him. Which leaves us without a Jewish name. Unacceptable.

We talked to the rabbi, picked a name, and scheduled to do a short but sweet naming ceremony last Friday afternoon.

I scheduled it for 1pm because the kids got out of school at noon, only to discover early last week that the older child didn’t get out till 1pm. It was too late to reschedule, so I just took her out of school early. All she missed was PE, but I am bracing for the tongue lashing from the ex over it.

I made sugar cookies for the ceremony but very few were eaten since there were very few people there and so we took the cookies home and I’ve been eating them ever since. This is very very bad, both from a caloric and weight point of view (I’m not even weighing myself at this point, I’m too afraid) and from the health point of view, since my endocrinologist wants me to give up sugar. Bad all around.

Then we get to the money aspects, which is also problematic. I’m still waiting for a refund and a payment, and I had to pay for things for the kids this weekend, to the tune of almost a month’s worth of gymnastics, so I’m feeling poor. Or perhaps more poor than usual is more accurate.

Also, the site I use to get my writing work upgrading my writing level, so I get paid more per word, which is good. But that also means that I can’t take the less expensive assignments, so there’s not actually any work available for me. Not a win, all things considered.

But it’s a lovely day here and the kids are getting their chores and homework done on this extra day off, and when the baby wakes up we get to go to the park, so things could always be worse.




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